This conveyor belt can be made of AISI-304 stainless steel or music wire. They are driven by sprockets over the full width, which ensures excellent tracking of the belt in a wide variety of load and/or speed situations.

Wire mesh belts can be made in single or double selvages, and in a wide range of wire diameters, module pitches and widths, along with special finishes to meet the client's requirements.

If needed, this metal belt can also include lateral chains.

Usually, they are used in high temperatures processes that may rise up to 400º C.

Equiped with points, humps or throughs for special applications.

The main features of this metal belts are:

  • Large open surface (around 80%), which allows the free flow of air, gasses and liquids. 
  • Highly - flexible longitudinally, with limited turning circles.
  • Easy to clean and hard to clog.
  • Very light.
  • Easy maintenance and quickly joined by tubes or rods.

Wire mesh belt (single - edges)
Wire mesh belt (single - edges)
Wire mesh belt (double - edges)
Wire mesh belt (double - edges)
Wire mesh belt (trapezoidal elevation)
Wire mesh belt (trapezoidal elevation)



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